Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Well I am back in Brighton and have been thinking about what this blog should be and what I would like it to be. There are a whole lota blogs out there that are about Fashion and clothes and peoples faces. Well, mine isnt all that interesting so whilst re thinking my blog usage, I decided not to have a weekly outfit post because, well, my outfits arnt all that interesting. This is what is interesting:

My work (hopefully!)
Artists I find for my context sketchbook
Crafty projects I use to avoid doing actual work
Brighton University WI (Super interesting)
Gallery Exhibitions coming up
Art Reviews of galleries, Exhibitions, Arty things

So those are my new topics for monthly and weekly posts.

Hopefully you wont be too bored!

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  1. i was just going through bloglovin and saw this pic...taught it was familiar(i also study in brighton)
    Your going love here
    goodluck with the blog