Friday, 15 July 2011


Now to end my blogging from Japan. The next few weeks I will be traveling around the place with Jonathan, Tom and Lucy and we are definitely more dangerous than our names suggest. We are going to tear Nippon UP! Nah we will probably very politely trot around and maybe visit an island or two. I will of course have my camera and snap pretty much anything and everything, however I will not have the internet. So, prepare to be overloaded with posts on my return, however they will be coming from England. AH! I cant believe it is the end already. There have been many a moment I was a bit fed up - being completely isolated from all your friends and family for 4 months is a little bit of a strain, but Japan has become my second home and I am genuinely sad to be leaving. I have made some pretty snazzy new friends, Japanese and otherwise, and have thougherly enjoyed myself.

Now why is there some pretty COOL photos of my in a loo? Bought this (straight-out-of-the-90s-and-onto-my-back) Fils cropped shirt for 30¥, thats 21p. Also bought a complete navy woolen skirt suit with navy short sleeve shirt to match for 100¥, 70p. See, how can you not love it here?

PEACE OUT JAPAN. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Now although I hold our exhibition EXCHANGE in rather high regard, I am also pretty excited for the sister show in the second half of the gallery, PROPOSAL of second year painting students. Here are a few of my most favorite pieces.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


As I have mentioned before, instead of having twee gardens, the Japanese have strips of land which they farm for themselves. Like allotments but longer and thinner. These most of them are used for rice. The rice shoots were tiny at the beginning of our stay but now look at them! A field of green.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Yeah thats right we went to a Sumo tournament and it was amazing. I do have a video of the actual fights - although they only last 40 seconds, my computer deems this too long and wont upload them. Ill have to just re-enact them for you when I`m back on English soil.

Monday, 11 July 2011


My work was on this giant wall so I had to fill it up with LOADS of prints. I think I jammed them in quite well.. Over by the window is Sheldon Stansfield`s beautiful cups and box. I think the two sets of work looked pretty damn swish next to each other! Also the massive glass wall on that side of the gallery is my favorite part of the building I think. The green of the trees made for a nice comparison for my hanging baskets.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


This is my other piece, some vinyl cut out and stuck up on the window at the front of the gallery. That window is 5m sq. and very high up. I had to be on the top step of the biggest ladder. A little before and after pic.


Here are some pictures of our private view for EXCHANGE, our final exhibition at Nagoya University of Arts. It was so nerv-wracking as I`m sure my face shows! We each had to give a little speech about our work and I totally lost my confidence, stood rod still and stared at my piece of paper for the full 2 min 12 seconds I was speaking. Shelly, Lucy and Anna all were amazingly confident and gave their speeches perfectly! We `made` scones too with jam and butter which seemed to go down very well, and quickly actually. Can you see all the tables of food? I ate pretty much all of it. The other 147 people there didnt get a look in.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


This is the best thing I have seen in all of Japan so far. My friend Sae made it for our Farewell Party. Not everyone gets to be a giant caterpillar you know. Wanna come?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Some more photos from around printmaking. These brown boxes all have frames in them. You know for your work so that when you have an exhibition, at Uni or away, you can borrow them to put your work in. How socialist is that?! It is honestly the most fantastic system ever and I think we should have it at our Uni too. It is ridiculous the amount of money we have to spend on our degree shows. And dont give me the, oh well just stick it up with blue tack, because you wouldnt tell a Med School Kid to write his final exams in lipstick, would you? Well you might depending on the Med School Kid I suppose. But anyway, it is one of those other costs that they dont consider when dishing out the blanket loan to Art School Kids, and it really pisses me off. Maybe if I stick around Brighton Ill open a Frame Rental Shop and rent out frames to the printmaking department. Or some other people who want to frame their work. It is becoming increasingly common for Art Competitions to ask for work already framed. Anyway, rant over, and I promise there is a very stereotypically Japanese ordering system to these frames...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Most of my work is done for the exhibition. Just putting the glazes on the woodcuts and need to sew up my hanging baskets. I was taking down some test pieces for my window print and saw all the bugs on the window sill; not uncommon I know, but there were so many of them I thought it was piles of dust. Decided to take some and spent the rest of the afternoon painting them white. Did you know that the surface tension in water is stronger than a fly`s leg? Spray paint was the way forward.


Just a few photos of what has been my home for the last few months. Nagoya Printmaking isnt the slickest of departments but it is the bestest. My desk is huge. I can put loads of stuff on it. And I do. I will definitely miss this place, there are lots of things British Art Schools could learn from the Japanese I think. To have a real community at University is really important and wanting to be somewhere will always result in more work being done and students beeing happier. Surely thats what it is all about?

Monday, 4 July 2011


Got confused didn`t we. Sat down for a cosy film after a night out till 6am (Kareoke is that addictive) and I got a bit muddled up.

The Illusionist is a lovely little cartoon about a sorry parisian magician who goes to Scotland. The Illusionist is a sepia drenched film about a cocky magician who goes to Vienna. The baddy`s house had this cool hallway though.


Just a little clip of the kind of things you find in arcades.


These are the printmaking Pets. Mess with these badboys and youre in trouble. Some advice Cameron; PR is a politician`s bread and butter. Stick a few of these round Universities and they might not have been so angry.

Joke, definitely still would have but still, Japan Printmaking Department 1 - 0 English Printmaking Department.