Friday, 15 July 2011


Now to end my blogging from Japan. The next few weeks I will be traveling around the place with Jonathan, Tom and Lucy and we are definitely more dangerous than our names suggest. We are going to tear Nippon UP! Nah we will probably very politely trot around and maybe visit an island or two. I will of course have my camera and snap pretty much anything and everything, however I will not have the internet. So, prepare to be overloaded with posts on my return, however they will be coming from England. AH! I cant believe it is the end already. There have been many a moment I was a bit fed up - being completely isolated from all your friends and family for 4 months is a little bit of a strain, but Japan has become my second home and I am genuinely sad to be leaving. I have made some pretty snazzy new friends, Japanese and otherwise, and have thougherly enjoyed myself.

Now why is there some pretty COOL photos of my in a loo? Bought this (straight-out-of-the-90s-and-onto-my-back) Fils cropped shirt for 30¥, thats 21p. Also bought a complete navy woolen skirt suit with navy short sleeve shirt to match for 100¥, 70p. See, how can you not love it here?

PEACE OUT JAPAN. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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