Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Some more photos from around printmaking. These brown boxes all have frames in them. You know for your work so that when you have an exhibition, at Uni or away, you can borrow them to put your work in. How socialist is that?! It is honestly the most fantastic system ever and I think we should have it at our Uni too. It is ridiculous the amount of money we have to spend on our degree shows. And dont give me the, oh well just stick it up with blue tack, because you wouldnt tell a Med School Kid to write his final exams in lipstick, would you? Well you might depending on the Med School Kid I suppose. But anyway, it is one of those other costs that they dont consider when dishing out the blanket loan to Art School Kids, and it really pisses me off. Maybe if I stick around Brighton Ill open a Frame Rental Shop and rent out frames to the printmaking department. Or some other people who want to frame their work. It is becoming increasingly common for Art Competitions to ask for work already framed. Anyway, rant over, and I promise there is a very stereotypically Japanese ordering system to these frames...

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