Saturday, 28 May 2011


Now for the meals we have had out:

This delightful little duo I shared with Shelly on our Printmaking Day trip to the mountains. It was nice if a little weird, cornflakes in hot chocolate is something I wont be bringing back to the Uk.

Our meal at a roadside Cafe, Printmaking Day trip lunch. Shelly and I had the `special`, some kind of pork which you cooked on mini hobs, pickles, rice, miso and tofu. Tasty but masses of food!

Haha! This night was so good, out on the town in Nagoya by bike had to be finished with a midnight supper. Unfortunately for Lucy, it was pig`s foot for her. She got his dinner, snooze you loose. Not really, she just used her finger skills and got toes in return.

This was from a gallery/cafe in Gifu and it was a sort of rice dish in tomato gravy with an omelet on top. I was craving a bit of egg and this hit the spot.

From our meal out in Kyoto, this was the finale. Cassis Cheese Cake deconstructed. YUM.

And of course to finish this post, my favorite dessert of Japan. Green Tea Ice-cream. This little dream I got when we went for lunch with our Landlady, Mrs Hirano. Ta for the Tea.


  1. ....i...don't like the green tea ice cream xDDD

  2. You just need to try it again!