Monday, 9 May 2011


So you can't be an art student without the cool clothes right? We went shopping. Hard.
Wonder City is the local Bull ring and it is fricking ace. Personal highlights were:

Bolo - The first shop we went in, sort of like an earthy All Saints. Bought a calf length jersey floral dress from there. Thought I looked like Annie Hall... If Diane ever came to Japan.

The Ice Cream place: I can't actually remember what it was called but I know it sold ice-cream because there was 30% off. One thing I am learning about the Japanese is that they love to que. Rich coming from an English girl right, no! They LOVE to que. Evidence provided.

Wonder City Department store: Just like the Selfridges of the Bull Ring. Although this one is more like Debenhams on second thoughts. Had to get a puncture repare kit because I had a flat and stumbled across this lovely bike. I know nothing about bikes but this one was pretty.

SAGA Store: Not like the Disney store with loads of crappy stuff with Winnie on, this was a mini arcade but taken with maximum seriousness. Drum game was my favorite.

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