Saturday, 7 May 2011


Went to Mino today in search of a paper museum. Okay I know how that sounds but paper is cool! I never grew up from that 11 year old obsessed with new pens. Pre-email would have been my hayday.
Anyway, arrived at Nagoya station bright and early to get the bus to Mino but was actually quite stressful because being illiterate in Japan is not fun. Nor is their cash society. Linguistics/logistics aside we got there in the end to find the Paper Art Gallery which was a bit naff in places and pretty awe inspiring in others. Also got a personal tour (Completely in Japanese) round a 200 year old house and gardens. 'Unn' is Japanese for 'uhuhh' and mine is getting quite authentic!

Japan is very very flat with very pointy mountains and hills dotted about, for which Mino is surrounded, so we went to this lovely park and climbed to the top of one said pointy hill to admire our surroundings. It was very pretty indeed! The park also had these one roomed open buildings people hire in the summer to stay in.

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