Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I was trying to think of ways to tell you about japan besides hundreds of photos and my whiney moans, and I realised even the smell of the place is different. The streets have very deep covered gutters which are designed for when it rains, but when it is sunny, there is a faint but definate smell of stagnant water. Soy also has a funny smell to it. I dont really know how to describe what dairy smells of, but Soy is probably the direct opposite. While dairy is a foggy sort of haze of a sent, Soy cuts straight through and smacks you right in the nostril. In the more mountainous areas with all the greenery around it doesn't feel so close and the smell of wild flowers and leaves floats around.they are very very clean here too, so there is always that sort of soapy smell in the studio and the workshops have turpentine everywhere.

So there you go. The smells of Japan, from one nose to another.

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  1. so it's stagnant water....!! i was already wondering what in these smells is so familiar to me =D
    righct right today i also thought it smells soapy, like laundry detergent. but maybe that's really laundry detergent, did you see all people have their laundry dry onto their balcony? c: